At Comprehensive Vascular Care in Novi and Southfield, Michigan, the board-certified team of vascular surgeons and vein and wound care specialists provide comprehensive vascular care to adult patients.

Both offices have a convenient location and feature the latest GE imaging equipment, such as vascular diagnostic testing and vascular ultrasound. The cutting-edge equipment limits radiation exposure and allows patients to receive the latest treatment methodologies for the most successful outcomes.

The Comprehensive Vascular Care team provides tertiary care in a comfortable, personalized setting. Each member of the staff works to provide comprehensive care, including early diagnosis and long-term follow-up monitoring.

Patients can access a variety of endovascular treatment techniques at Comprehensive Vascular Care, including endovascular surgery and angioplasty, as well as leg vein treatment like sclerotherapy and laser ablation.

The team regularly diagnoses and treats leg pain, ulcers, spider veins, venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, leg swelling, peripheral artery disease (PAD), and ankle discoloration.

They also offer more specialized care, including advanced treatment for aortic aneurysms and pulmonary embolisms. Additionally, there is dialysis access on-site.

To receive high-quality vascular care with a commitment to excellence, partner with the caring team at Comprehensive Vascular Care. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation online, or call the nearest office and speak with a friendly staff member today.

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